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Yesterday after my unsolicited dating tip of the week posted, I received several DM’s asking what an “in between girl” is. I suppose in hindsight the term does require some explanation, so here goes: Quite a few years back, long before I met my husband, I was involved in an on-again-off-again relationship. (While being on and off doesn’t automatically qualify you for between girl status, it is highly suspect and certainly puts you on the path!) The guy and I would be good for a time, and then suddenly it would all end. Months and sometimes years would pass but eventually, he’d...

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Well ladies, it's that time of the year again. The time when stuffed bears, chocolate and flowers and even chocolate bears holding flowers abound! Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a couple holding hands and every other tv commercial is for some sappy romantic comedy! There is nothing like Valentines Day to make a single girl feel even more single! Here are a few tips to get through it all!     1) Treat Yourself! If you want flowers and candy, go get them! Who says your beautiful floral arrangement had to be from someone else? This holiday is...

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