Heiress Raes' Unsolicited Advice: Live On Your Own Terms!

There’s something about the turn of autumn and “back to school” that makes you feel like you gotta get yourself together! Take the SAT’s. Decide a vocation. Declare a major. Apply to schools, or transfer schools if the one you’re enrolled at doesn’t suite you. Many of you may be getting pressured from parents and family members to go one direction or another. To become a police officer because you come from a long line of decorated lieutenants. Become a doctor because they make lots of money. You may even be pressured to attend a particular school or pledge a certain Greek, because it’s what everyone in the family did. The truth about life is one size doesn’t fit all! Don’t be afraid to be different, and to make your own decisions.

Take Ice Cube for example. He left a wildly successful group in its prime to follow his heart and pursue other avenues. Just think if Cube Vision had never come to be, movies like “Friday” and “All about the Benjamin’s” may have never happened. Imagine a world without Debo and Smokey! What about Jennifer Lopez. She knows we think her boyfriend is short and funny looking, and that she’s had more relationships than Mars has moons! Do you think she cares? Uh, no! She is true to herself and cares more about having love in her life than keeping up appearances. Last but not least, Rihanna. She knows we want her to put on a bra, and that her bare nipples are attacking us! Do you think she’s bothered one bit by women looking at her with their noses turned up? I think not!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am in no way encouraging you to go braless or pop in and out of relationships! I am however saying it’s ok to change majors. To go to a school other than the one your mom and grandmother went to. To cut your hair, or change the color. To go to a community college as opposed to a big university. To take a year off if you need to, and to not have all the answers! The bottom line is you only get one life. Live it on your terms!

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