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Single Survival Tips on Valentines Day

Well ladies, it's that time of the year again. The time when stuffed bears, chocolate and flowers and even chocolate bears holding flowers abound! Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a couple holding hands and every other tv commercial is for some sappy romantic comedy! There is nothing like Valentines Day to make a single girl feel even more single! Here are a few tips to get through it all!



1) Treat Yourself!

If you want flowers and candy, go get them! Who says your beautiful floral arrangement had to be from someone else? This holiday is about love, so go ahead and love on yourself! Just, try not to binge on the candy! Don't put on 5 unnecessary pounds just because CVS is having a sale on Turtles!



2) Get Together With Friends.

Call a couple of your single girlfriends and make a night of it! Go to the movies or dinner, or both! My friends and I used to buy each other gifts! Enjoy yourselves and celebrate your friendship! Once you all are in a relationship, you'll look back and appreciate this time you had together.



3) Don't Hate!

Keep in mind when you see couples in love that your time is coming! There is someone for everyone! Contrary to popular belief, all men aren't married, in jail or gay! There are plenty of good single men out there! Don't give up hope! Love will find you!



4) Know Your Limits.

If you are really sensitive to Valentines Day, don't set yourself up for failure! Don't lock yourself in the house with a gallon of Haagen Daz and watch The Notebook all weekend! Stay away from restaurants and avoid the theater! Instead, babysit for a married couple so that they can have some time alone. Or, have a sleepover! Order pizzas and watch action or horror flicks! If you have a hard time with this holiday, don't criticize or be too hard on yourself. You're not the only one! 



5) Don't Settle!

Most ladies have a guy friend who is into us. Don't decide because it's Valentines Day, that he'll do! Don't waste your time or his money going to Macaroni Grill when you know you have absolutely no interest in him. Also, this is not the time to resurrect old relationships! If your ex didn't make it to February 14th it was for a reason! Leave that man where he belongs, in the past



Hope that helps! Happy Valentines Day!!!


Heiress Rae





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