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The Modesty is the New Sexy Contest Rules


Hey ladies!


Due to the tremendous positive feedback about the Modesty is the New Sexy T-shirt, we will be hosting a contest to give some away! Rules and requirements are below!


Contest Rules:

Starting Sunday January 12,2014 interested contestants must like the Heiress Originals Facebook page or follow Heiress Originals on Twitter to qualify.

Contestants must post pictures of themselves in an outfit that is both modest and sexy.

Contestant photo post entries will be identified by hash tag Modesty Is the New Sexy. (#modestyisthenewsexy) Any entry not using this hash tag will not qualify. 

Contestants will be judged by their entire head-to-toe look.

Contestants do not have to be wearing any Heiress Originals product, but can if they choose.

Contestants wearing Heiress Originals will not be given special preference. 

More than one photo entry per day or per week is allowed, however posting more looks does not better chances of winning.

One winner will be chosen per week.

The winners will be announced on Saturday of each contest week at 4 pm EST. The final contest winner will be announced on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

Contestants can win multiple weeks, but each winning look is only eligible for one win.

Winners will be shipped a Modesty is the New Sexy t-shirt in the size of their choice. Heiress Originals offers sizes Small through Extra Large (XL). Sizes smaller or larger are not available.

Most winners will receive the t-shirt in charcoal, however if there are other colors available in the size they have requested, Heiress Originals may offer other color options.

Winners may not choose a different Heiress Originals t-shirt.

Shipping expenses will be covered by Heiress Originals. Most items will be shipped out within 7 days of the winning look announcement.   

Heiress Originals Shipping and Privacy Policies will be strictly adhered to for contestants. No information,including name,email address or physical addresses will be released to any third party without written consent of the contestant.

No purchase necessary.

Winners limited to contestants with shipping addresses in the continental United States.



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